NASW-VT CE Approval

Thank you very much for choosing NASW VT for your CE application. We are committed to ensuring workshop and training opportunities for licensed mental health professionals are of high quality, promote best practices, and address the varied professional development needs of a skilled workforce.

CE approvals are good for one year and you may repeat the same training using the same CE number as many times as you like before the expiration. Applications may be updated and/or renewed for a reduced fee. 

Please allow four weeks for approval. Rush applications can be completed in 7 business days.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

If you are an individual and you’ve participated in a continuing education (CE) program, not pre-approved for CEs, you may apply for credit here:

Participant Application 

(free for NASW members, $35 for non-members). Please allow 30 days for individual review 

If you are an organization seeking approval for a CE program that you plan to run or have run, see below:

If you are applying for CEs for a single workshop or several workshops in the same day with no concurrent sessions (meaning that none of your sessions are occurring at the same time), click below to download

Click here to download the single-day CE application

If you are applying for CEs for a multi-day or conference setting with concurrent sessions (multiple sessions occurring at the same time), please click below to download and complete the two-part conference application which is better formatted for this layout.

CE Multi-Day or Conference Application Part 1

CE Multi-Day or Conference Application Part 2

*If you have questions on how to download the google spreadsheet to use with excel, please email

Not sure which application fits your ce programming best? please email