Social workers join NASW to advance in their careers, to connect with colleagues, and to protect their practice—all while advocating for the profession and important social issues. NASW members enjoy benefits and networking provided by both the NASW national office and their local chapter, for one annual fee.

NASW members represent the very best of social work in academia, practice, research, and policy. Members agree to abide by the profession’s Code of Ethics and to enhance their skills through ongoing professional education.

Social work is complex work, and resources for clients can be limited. When social workers unite by joining NASW, the social work profession has a larger voice and more influence with elected leaders, policy makers, and employers to make critical changes that support the profession and society.

Where do you turn for answers, professional development, and community?

Your professional organization, National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and here in Vermont, your local chapter NASW-VT. From the Code of Ethics to guide your everyday professional conduct and Specialty Practice Sections that offer customized professional development, to credentials and professional liability insurance, NASW protects you while you work to improve the well-being of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. NASW members enjoy all these membership perks and more for an annual membership fee.

NASW Membership Quick Links

Local Chapter Membership in NASW-VT

All members of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) who reside in the state of Vermont are automatically enrolled in the NASW- Vermont Chapter as part of their national membership. There is no additional charge for NASW-VT membership after you join the NASW.