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Concussions and Brain injury: Clinical Considerations

Josh Klapperick 0 129
Social workers encounter survivors of brain injury much more frequently than is typically presumed. Furthermore, many of the behaviors, cognitive and emotional states that may occur as a result of brain injury can be misdiagnosed and there is an unfortunate lack of knowledge among many behavioral health practitioners regarding the sequelae of brain injury. In this workshop we will attempt to...

Professional Self-Care with Mind-Body Skills - Breath Work and Drawing

NASWVT Chapter 0 44
The demanding nature of the social work profession often competes with the desire to implement or sustain self-care practices. Each of these six workshop-style webinars provides an opportunity for you to grow on a professional and personal level. Balancing self-care moments and survival mode is an ever-evolving challenge and this training aims to honor that journey. We are best positioned to...

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