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Social Work Compact Update

June 30, 2023

I've been getting a lot of questions from social workers about the compact. For those of you not getting the #NASWVT News & Updates, here's the synopsis.

The social work compact model legislation language didn't come out until February - too late for a stand-alone bill. We tried (thank you Tanya Vyhovsky, Vermont State Senator!) to get this added as an amendment to the Psychologist Compact, but it didn't happen. It has been submitted as a short-form bill to be heard next legislative session (thank you Brian Cina, Vermont State Representative!). I will be meeting again with our lobbyists to discuss strategy next week. WE WILL NEED ALL SOCIAL WORKERS TO ADVOCATE FOR THIS BILL! Now is a great time to meet/call your Senator or Representative to tell them what it would mean to you as a professional social worker.

This has nothing to do with the licensing exam - the ASWB Clinical Exam is a requirement for getting your LICSW in Vermont and you will need to hold your LICSW in your home state to then apply for the Interstate License. #NASW's stance is licensure at the non-clinical level should not require an exam. The compact legislation reads a nationally recognized exam OR a state approved option to the exam - this is a consideration we may be exploring in the near future.

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