NASW-VT Committees

NASW-VT welcomes member participation. The following is a list of our active committees, members, and a description of the general activities. Please email our Executive Director, Darlene Furey at to learn more about how you can participate on a committee.

Board Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides guidance to the Executive Director between Board meetings, develops the agenda for the Board meetings, and reviews preliminary budget and other financial proposals. They meet at the discretion of the President, usually quarterly.


  • Kelli Gile, MSW, Board President
  • Lacey Sloan, MSW, Ph.D., President Elect
  • Linda Li, MSW, Vice President
  • Ashley Dubois, MSW, Secretary

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is charged with advising on ethical issues that arise and with assisting significantly in the planning of at least one ethics-related training per fiscal year. The Ethics committee is recruiting for new members.

Education & Professional Development Committee

The Education Committee is charged with the oversight and creation of continuing education opportunities for social workers in Vermont. The committee develops NASW-VT workshops and organizes the annual conference as well as evaluates proposed workshops from outside entities. The committee’s goal is to create a rich and robust learning environment that meets the educational needs of all Vermont’s social workers in the areas of clinical issues, advocacy and social justice. 

The committee is recruiting for new members. Much of the contact for the committee is done by conference call. All members take on tasks that fit their schedule. Please contact the Darlene Furey at

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is a vehicle for social workers and students to learn about and engage with the political process on behalf of our clients, our profession, and our values and ethics. The committee purpose and responsibilities as outlined by NASW: 

  • To promote NASW legislative policies consistent with the goals of the social work profession and those served by the profession 
  • To recommend a legislative agenda to the NASW-VT Board of Directors 
  • To recommend programming for Social Work Legislative Day
  • To promote education, leadership, and advocacy among members of the social work profession.

During the legislative session, we actively work with the legislative consultants and executive director in responding to legislation, and support chapter member’s advocacy efforts in contacting legislators and testifying for relevant bills. Please join us as we take action to make a difference in the profound impact of policy on our clients and our communities. 

Contact chair Lacey Sloan  to get started! 

Social Justice Committee

The Vermont Social Justice Committee focuses its work on groups who have been historically or are currently oppressed, underserved, and underrepresented. This could include people who are systematically disenfranchised due to race or color, ability, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, gender, health status, income and assets, religion or ethnicity, and immigration status. 

What we do: 

  • Take action! Currently there are 6 work-groups focusing on different interest areas (Gender and Sexuality; Health Care Access; Immigration & Refugee; Environment; Diversity and Racial Justice; Economic Justice) which meet monthly and are doing different activities. 
  • Build relationships and form partnerships with other local organizations possessing similar interests and goals. 
  • Devise and plan trainings and workshops for social workers in Vermont to further education about issues of social justice as they pertain to our members and the clients we serve. 
  • Work towards political changes at the state and national levels on issues of social justice. 
  • Celebrate and honor diversity and individual differences amongst our members and the clients we serve.
  • Work to increase diversity amongst NASW members and leadership within our organization. 

Contact the Social Justice Committee at

PACE Committee

Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) is the political “arm” of NASW. Members of the Vermont chapter committee meet throughout the election cycle to discuss support for candidates in state and local races. We assess individual candidates via survey and/or their voting records and may interview. The committee decides the level of candidate support based on several criteria, including issues the candidate supports or opposes, the viability of the campaign, and available resources. Supports can include a written endorsement, a financial contribution, and/or campaign assistance such as letter writing and phone calls. Candidates who are social workers and members of underrepresented groups are given special consideration. 

Please consider joining the PACE committee. A diverse membership is important to NASW-VT PACE. Although we align with the policy positions of NASW and NASW-VT, local perspective is valuable.