NASW Vermont Nominations

Slate for July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Board Member at Large – 7 candidates

MSW Student – 1 candidate

Name: Angela Paoli

Position: Board Member at Large

Statement: My name is Angela Paoli, LICSW and I work in private practice at the Stone House Associates in So. Burlington, VT. I have been a board member over the past two years while NASW VT has regrouped and become stronger than ever. I would like to continue this forward movement and continue as a board member. Providing access to quality training for social workers in Vermont has been rewarding as the Continuing Education Coordinator. Working with fellow board members to introduce ways to increase membership has allowed us to see some real ways to benefit NASW members. I also have enjoyed learning more about becoming politically active through the Legislative Committee and supporting legislature that will make a difference to Vermonters. I seek to continue as a Board member to help realize some of our goals to make NASW VT continue to grow.

Name: Meredith K. Tips-McLaine, RN

Position: Board Member at Large

Statement: I feel like it’s the world’s biggest cliché to say that I will bring a fresh perspective to the profession, but…I believe I do bring a fresh perspective to social work, from my nearly 20 years as a nurse, most of it working in Emergency Departments. I also worked in an MAT practice for a few years, so I am well-versed in the Vermont universe of drug treatment. I’m very interested in intersections between mental health care and physical health care, as well as in issues of access to mental health services for those who need them. As the white mother * of a black son, living in Vermont, I am also deeply concerned wit issues of social justice, equit and anti-racism, particularly as they intersect with us and our professional obligations as social workers. Additionally, I am an AEMT and am interested in education for EMS and ED nurses and other providers regarding mental health crisis.

*I cared about these issues before I had a child, by the way, and I would care about them if my son were a white person. Just had to put that out there.

Name: Melanie Jannery (she/her)

Position: Board Member at Large

Statement: I am interested in becoming involved with the National Association of Social Workers Vermont Chapter as a board member as I transition away from graduate school. I have worked with individuals over the telephone, video, individually, and in community centers who have experienced trauma and individuals who experience mental health, substance, and other challenges, as well as individuals who identify as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and disability communities. I understand that it is important to have welcoming spaces, not only in their physical presence, but also in their virtual presence. I believe my background, my commitment to this work, and my ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people makes me a strong candidate for the Nationals Association of Social Workers Vermont Chapter board member.

Name: Judi Daly

Position: Board Member at Large

Statement: I have been a social worker in VT since 1983 and became licensed in 1989. My social work experience includes child welfare, mental health and currently medical social work. I have worked for agencies and organizations as well as private practice and was a UVM Dept. of Social Work MSW Field Instructor for many years. I have learned a thing or two along the way about the needs of our clients and social workers in Vermont. I would like to continue on the NASW Board to give back to my life-long vocation, to focus on legislative advocacy for our clients and for social workers, and to be part of the needed social justice change in the chapter and the profession.

Name: Carrie Russell

Position: Board Member at Large

Statement: I am excited to become more involved in NASW VT. I moved to Vermont from Seattle in 2019, when my partner accepted a professorship here. I have worked in a variety of settings, primarily with youth, as a clinical social worker and clinical supervisor/director. I have been involved in state NASW chapters both in Washington and Massachusetts. I am particularly interested in the legislative action committee and the board. I believe NASW is a valuable resource for all and plays an important role in advocating for change. My recent work has been with youth in educational settings; with a primary focus on equity and inclusion for all. When I first moved, I was the School Services Director for the Clara Martin Center. When the pandemic started, due to personal circumstances, I began remote work as a clinical supervisor for the agency I previously worked for in Seattle.

Name: Maria Crossman

Position: Board Member at Large

Statement: My name is Maria Crossman, LICSW. I am a recent VT resident, only moving here two years ago. I established my own private practice Mindful Pathways, LLC in Newport, VT. I previously worked as a therapist in NH for several years, and in North Carolina for 5 years before that. I have extensive experience working in community mental health, government agencies, and in private practice. I think I could provide a unique vantage point having experience working in other communities and bringing these ideas to the table. Additionally, I know that there are not very many social workers in the Northeast Kingdom and think it could be helpful to have representation from my rural area. I am really looking for ways to get involved and to give back to the community –being a member at large would give me this opportunity. I hope by getting involved I can also learn more about the Legislative process and to help support the agenda of NASW in VT! Thanks for your consideration.

Name: Erika (Exquisite) Moore

Position: Board Member at Large

Statement: Grateful Greetings! I've been a social worker all my life! I'm born and raised in Oakland, California and newly moved to Vermont! As a Black Social Worker, I'd be so happy to serve on the Board and share all my experience, strength and skills with the Association. I've been a member for quite some time and my best mentors are also members in other states. Please consider my statement and willingness! -ethnically appropriate prayer hands-

Name: Miki Beach

Position: MSW Student Representative

Statement: I plan to listen to and represent the voices of MSW students at the University of Vermont. As a mature student making a mid-life career transition into social work, I bring a lens of part-time, working parent student status and am transitioning into my final year of the program as a full-time student. My professional career included leadership and supervisory positions in state government and academic healthcare quality improvement programs, and I plan to advocate for expanding leadership opportunities and increasing overall compensation scales for social workers in Vermont.